YouPHPTube Presentation

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If you think that making money with videos on the internet means having a famous channel on YouTube, today you will discover other interesting ways that can generate income.

You can have your own video business

Nowadays, on large video sharing platforms, in order to make money from your videos, you need to have many hours of video views and thousands of subscribers on your channel, which makes it very difficult to service, besides being unfair to the producers of videos.

In addition to the amounts advertised by advertisers, most are left with the video platform and not with the video producer.

Why not have your own video platform and have full control of your ads and content served? you can also decide for yourself which content will be served.

Make money on videos without depending on anyone!

Get to know you PHP Tube and see how you can profit from your video content!

With you php tube you can post your videos in any format, you will have the latest and best SEO techniques available, you will have an unlimited LiveStream feature, AdSense to monetize easily and much more